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Some Awesome “Save the Date” Designs

Auspicious dates for weddings in 2020

Special characteristics of Indian weddings.

Weddings are always special irrespective of the ethnicity. But there is something really special about Indian weddings. Let us have a look at the special characteristics of Indian weddings.

  1. Vibrant:

Indian weddings have vibrancy. They are colourful. Whether it is the decor or the attire of the bride and the groom or the henna tattoo on the hands and legs of the bride there is colour everywhere.

  • Customs and traditions:

Indian weddings are known for their customs and traditions. Right from the sangeet ceremony to the mehendi to the actual wedding rituals there are plenty of ceremonies and customs that are unique and beautiful. It is important that you capture these priceless moments of your life.

  • Food:

There is lots of variety in the Indian wedding food. Right from the starters to the main course to the desserts everything is finger licking good.

  • Guests:

The guests at these Indian weddings are also unique in their own special ways. No matter if it is a distant niece who is getting married or it is just the next door boy who is the groom, Indian guests will always feel that it is their own near and dear one and will become a part of the wedding celebrations.

  • The long affair:

Indian weddings are not something that will get over in one day. They can be three, four or even week long affairs.

Indian weddings are special. They are unique. You have to be part of these weddings to get an idea about the beauty of a typical Indian wedding.

Indian wedding planning ideas

Indian wedding planning ideas have taken a roundabout from the traditional ways and couples nowadays are looking for something new to add to their wedding preparations be it the catering service, venue decoration, or their own wedding attire.

All these quirky ideas are a sign that couples are enthusiastic about their wedding and looking around for all those ideas that could create a difference. Not just the entertainment or the wedding stage, the uniqueness of the decoration could be seen at every aspect of an arrangement. But, this peculiarity in your decoration does not mean that you have to spend bucket full of money in your decorations. With a little creativity and imagination or a thorough discussion with your planner, you can generate innovative ideas for Indian wedding of yours.

1. An Enchanted Entrance

Bridal entry is a concept that was not given much of importance before. It was just the bride who was taken from her room to the Mandap for the ceremony. But, the trend has evolved these days.  Guests today are wholeheartedly waiting for the arrival of the bride to the ceremony. Now, give a powerful entrance with some of these ideas.

  • Flower Shower

Make an entrance with a flower shower. Let your friends and sisters were in attendance for your entry with a palm full of petals. They can even synchronize their dress colors if you are planning this for a longer time.

  • Smoke Bombs

Another way of making entry could be done with the help of colorful smoke bombs. This is a bit dramatic but is equally impactful if you are having a day wedding.

  • Fireworks

You may also make your entrance a little sparkling with the fireworks that could be synchronized with the timing of your entrance.

  • Palki Ride

Why not give a royal touch to your bridal entrée? Enter like a queen in a palanquin or palki carried by your brothers or cousins. This would make many great memories and would be remembered by your guests for a long time.

If yours is a destination wedding, then you may have fed some native ideas in your entry.

  • Dance Entry

Another awesome entry idea is making an arrival over a song. This would give a realistic feeling like that in movies and would be entertaining for your guests as well.

Let the baby of your family carry the sign of your arrival. This is a commonly used idea but still bestows a power-packed performance for your guests.

  • Flower Path

Make an entry on a bed of flowers. This regal touch to your entry is surely alluring enough to last a lifetime in yours as well as your guests’ memory.

2. Wacky Catering Ideas

Nothing could be accomplished without food. And within the hefty wedding ideas in India, meal courses are of utmost importance. From appetizers to drinks, the main course to desserts, meals are a complete segment that requires enough brainstorming from both the parties. But, thanks to the digital media and internet, where you can explore thousands of food varieties, that are new and fresh and can definitely add the twisted edge you are looking for in your catering.

  • Revamp Appetizers

Why it’s always the kebabs for your appetizers? Give a try and make something special like Fish ‘n’ Chips, tortilla wraps, tikkas of different exotic variety, sausages and see the difference it makes in your menu.

  • Dessert Stop

For a winter wedding, you have loads of option to choose from. In the drinks menu, you may add some hot chocolate with ice- cream topping or a hot cocktail. Doughnuts are a nice addition and everyone’s favorite. You may also set up a soup station accompanied by flavored pieces of bread for your guests. Besides all this, a bite of cheesecake is adorable enough.

  • DIY Counter

You may add a DIY counter for your guests. They can make their own veggie or meat wraps as per their choice. This is the bit of creativity that would require some tasty fillings.

  • Sip Solution

For a summer wedding, you may have some really exotic flavored and colored juices that will entice your guests for a sip.

  • Cake

Having a customized cake is a really cool idea but you may add your monograms or some figurines added to the top of the cake.

3. Decoration that’s Divine & Distinct

Decorations are what make a wedding wonderful. Your guests are definitely expecting some really exciting decoration ideas in your celebrations. For this, you may have a look at some of the strange yet charming décor ideas for your venue.

  • Centre pieces

The centre pieces are the flashy elements on the table –tops that enhance the arrangement over them. You may put up the flowers inside some intricate vase or place candelabras or colored candlesticks over them. Not, just candles or flowers, fruits are also an excellent centre-piece in themselves. Figurines can also decorate the table- top as beautifully as the others

  • Ceiling Decoration

Have you decided what type of ceiling decoration you are going to have? Will it be the satin drapes or the fairy lights in a different color? Or you want to hang some potted plant or the bird cages from it. Paper chandelier is a great adorning entity that can pull a rustic look out of your decorations.

  • Photo Booths

Photo booths have become the latest rage among all the parties. And having an awesome photo booth or frame hanging at your venue garden would make a fashionable statement. Many weddings are providing some outlandish props as well for fun photographic moments.

  • Personalized Addition

Add some personal touches to your wedding by adding your pre-wedding shoots or favorites to your custom built stacked corner.

  • Wish Tree

You can set up a wish tree or blessing station coexisting with your other decorations. Just put down some post and pen where your guests can write their blessings for your happy married life.

  • Bunting Creations

Bunting could be done with immense creativity. Umbrellas are extraordinary bunting items. Lacy or paper bunting items are equally popular for all kinds of weddings.

  • Wedding Lighting letter

Light up letters is a versatile choice for decorating your dancing floor or wedding stage. It makes some really good background for candid photography. Choose some wooden finished or metallic letters with bulbs embedded in the body.

  • Table Runners

Table Runners are an equally important addition to your table- tops like the centerpieces. With silk, sequins, and hessian as your most favored choice of fabrics, you may customize the table runners with some crystal or borders stitched to them. Synchronizing your centerpiece with the table runner would jazz up the décor of your wedding.

  • Chalkboard

Chalkboard sign boards with some quirky statements will also be entertaining enough for your guests. When the directions are given with a twist, they seem more attractive.

4. Ask for Advice

Make your wedding more fun filled with the concept of asking advice. You can prepare creative printed cards asking for advice on the upcoming future. Make sure all the guests of you gets those cards and make them write on it, the suggestion they want to give the bride or groom whoever they want to give. This will ultimately be a great idea and at the same time, you will get to know about the genuine advice they want to give to you.

5. Wedding Reception Setting

With decoration and food being covered, it’s high time you adjust your seating arrangement. With different banquet hall seating arrangements, you can provide sufficient space to accommodate your guests. But, the arrangement is not all. You need to have some complementary chairs and tables as well.

  • Chair Covers

Chair covers are also essential to brighten up the seating arrangement. Chair covers could also be draped with some designer clothes to beautify the setting.

  • Special Seat for Duo

Arrange for a sweetheart table at your reception. This table is only for the newlyweds  where they may sit together surrounded by their family.

  • Lounge Setting

Setting up a Lounge area is a great way to accentuate the wedding arrangement. This area was given a relaxed and comfortable feeling to the seated person.

6. Set a DJ Request Box

Music is the most important element in any function or marriage or parties, you can’t think of any celebrations without lots of music. You can do this in a creative way, put a box on the table where the DJ is being played then put some creative caption and write DJ request box. People will automatically come and drop their favourite songs. This will be really great to listen to the songs of our guests’ choice.

7. Express your love story on Board

You can do this in many different ways, either you can choose to write with the chalk on the chalkboard and one at a time you can write and read out loud. The Second way is you can always do some act and depict your love story. It’s your choice, whichever you find more creative and romantic, choose that one and make your day filled with memories.

8. Create a Magnificent Mandap

The most sought after location of any wedding is the Mandap where the actual ceremony takes place. The bride and groom perform the ritual by following all the rites. The canopy of the Mandap could be prepared with flowers and drapes.

The pillars surrounding the mandap could be decorated with flowers or fairy lights for a more dramatic effect. While modern-day couples are also opting for figurines for their pillar structure to bring out the charm in the decorations.

9. Don’t forget the Wedding Stage

Well, the last but not least, a nice wedding stage decoration is more impactful than any other tidbits of the venue. Have a flowery wall or drapes behind your seating arrangement and see the effect it creates on the entire ambiance.

Some free pre wedding locations in NCR

We have found the best pre wedding locations for you in and around Delhi this wedding season. So sit tight and let us do it right for you.

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