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The Creative Eye

When it comes to appreciating moments, capturing them is all you need, to create visual memories which could be shared by generations and preserved for time immemorial to cherish and to relive them.

One such time in our lives takes place when we are binding together in the vows between us and our partners for life, from here on we shall create a family and plan for generations ahead, and thus this should be the most important day of our lives and it is “our wedding day”.

It is the job of Professionals like “Media Cult India” who are the masters at creating that cinematic moment for your wedding, which you shall cherish for a lifetime with your family and children and their children who would look back with love and awe at the memories being brought to life in the time to come, through the state of art, technologically advanced cameras, with highly aesthetic editing of still and audio video formats.

According to Sheema Farooqi, the Executive director and Cinematographer of Media Cult India “A wedding day is more than just a day; it is about a lifetime of memories. It is about capturing moments, it is about capturing emotion, it is about being able to relive the day through beautiful photos, it is about smiling at moments that you never knew happened, seeing the emotion in your family and friends faces, and most important of all, having a story you can treasure forever.”

What is Media Cult India? It is a cult of Media Professionals brought together by Ms. Sheema Farooqi, who comes from a very prestigious family of Jammu and Kashmir, India, being born and brought up in this beautiful land, she always cherished the landscape and started capturing it not only in her mind but also on the film roll of her “point and shoot camera” which was introduced to her in the early years of her life by her father, who was as enthusiastic about cameras then, as Sheema is now.

“Turmoil in Kashmir was a dark aspect of this beautiful Valley, which I wanted to avoid capturing, as I wished to capture only the beauty and the bounty of nature and if I could, I wanted to capture happiness”, Says Sheema.

Sheema Mastered in “Media Management” from one of the top Universities of the world, but the passion and love for the cameras was still yearning in her heart and mind, so she came back to India and started “Media Cult India”, A full-fledged production house to cater all Media related needs of the market.

There has been no looking back since. She and her team of professionals have put in their creative best to produce beautiful Photographs and Audio Visual memories for their esteemed clients.

Media Cult is known to maintain top tire infrastructure and possess top of the line equipment available in the market. They produce super High Definition (4K) images both for photos as well as the Videos. Other services provided by them include Fashion Photography, Ad Film shoots, Product shoots, Corporate Shoots, Music Video Production, Industrial Shoots, Documentary film Making and most importantly Pre- Wedding Shoots.

Just like the wedding shoots, Pre Wedding Photos and Videos Captured by “Media Cult” possess a unique touch of Creativity.

“Pictures have to tell a story, and it’s “Media Cult India” that can write this story with emotions and art.”

Media Cult India is a specialized organization, providing the most premium service at the very economical price which is another reason that makes “Media Cult India”, your best choice for Wedding Shoots.