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Special characteristics of Indian weddings.

Special characteristics of Indian weddings.

Weddings are always special irrespective of the ethnicity. But there is something really special about Indian weddings. Let us have a look at the special characteristics of Indian weddings.

  1. Vibrant:

Indian weddings have vibrancy. They are colourful. Whether it is the decor or the attire of the bride and the groom or the henna tattoo on the hands and legs of the bride there is colour everywhere.

  • Customs and traditions:

Indian weddings are known for their customs and traditions. Right from the sangeet ceremony to the mehendi to the actual wedding rituals there are plenty of ceremonies and customs that are unique and beautiful. It is important that you capture these priceless moments of your life.

  • Food:

There is lots of variety in the Indian wedding food. Right from the starters to the main course to the desserts everything is finger licking good.

  • Guests:

The guests at these Indian weddings are also unique in their own special ways. No matter if it is a distant niece who is getting married or it is just the next door boy who is the groom, Indian guests will always feel that it is their own near and dear one and will become a part of the wedding celebrations.

  • The long affair:

Indian weddings are not something that will get over in one day. They can be three, four or even week long affairs.

Indian weddings are special. They are unique. You have to be part of these weddings to get an idea about the beauty of a typical Indian wedding.


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